1:200 Tiger Aviation A320 Airplane Model

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  • *1. [Alloy quality] The main body is made of alloy material CNC precision machining, supplemented by ABS engineering plastics, which not only ensures the metal texture of the model, but also ensures the accuracy of the small parts;
  • *2. [Military affairs] Regardless of collection or gifting, the sentiment of military models has surpassed its own value, and its inherent tenacity and temperament can inspire our enterprising spirit;
  • *3. [Painting process to avoid cracking] The electrostatic spraying process technology is adopted, which not only ensures the metal texture of the model, but also avoids problems such as fading and cracking;
  • *4. [Product details, in-depth analysis] Zinc alloy material is anti-corrosion, zinc alloy is added as the basis of other elements, and the material design is selected to restore the real military model to give you a real tactile experience. The details are refined, the body lines are clearly depicted and the details are meticulous ;
  • *5.This is the perfect Christmas or birthday/anniversary/father’s day or own gift;


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