1: 200 Watchtower e-3b Early Warning Aircraft 75-0560 Aircraft Model

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E-3 early warning aircraft is an all-weather long-range air early warning and control aircraft developed by Boeing company of the United States according to the “air warning and control system” plan of the U.S. air force. It has the ability to look down and monitor piloted aircraft and unmanned aircraft over various terrain. It is also known as E-3 “watchtower”.

Priority gift options for multiple applications – based on this price, It is a great model. The elegant gift packaging makes it look beautiful and generous. It has a wide range of applications, such as collection items, physics / mechanical learning, friends, family, parents, children’s irthday gifts, etc. Many of our customers come from schools, colleagues, collectors, aviation workers and so on.

Airline: Air Force
Aircraft: Watchtower e-3b early warning aircraft75-0560
Ratio: 1:200
Size: 9.17*8.54*2.53 inch (23.30*21.70*6.42 cm)
Material: Alloy
Weight: Approx 0.6kg

Packing List:
1*Aircraft Model

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