OEM Model Airplane Customized


OEM Processing Customization

Focus on the processing, production and sales of resin airplane models, alloy airplane models, and large airplane models

Unusual airplane model: advanced printing technology + high-precision structural proportions
According to customer needs, we can provide design customization, body color change, and local adjustment of body structure.

This link is a customized product link, which can customize landing gear and model fuselage.
The currently customizable models are:
Airbus: A320, A330, A350, A380
Boeing: B737, B747, B777, B787
(The model airport is between 43-47 cm, which is about 18 inches)

All customized models are equipped with wheels and landing gear, and are divided into two types:
1. Standard version: W/WOOD STAND & GEAR
2. Upgraded version: W/WOOD STAND, GEAR & LED
(The landing gear is not sold separately, it is sold together with the aircraft model.)

Packing List:
1*Aircraft Model

Instructions for the use of LED voice-controlled aircraft model:
Specific steps:
1. Open the fuselage abdominal power switch, ON gear
2. Applause the model or knock on the fuselage. The light will turn on. The light will go out automatically after 40 seconds.
3. The model contains 150 Mah lithium battery. When the power is exhausted, it can be charged by Android charging head. The model is not equipped with a charger. The charging time is 1 hour. The red indicator lights out automatically after filling up .

There are discounts for large quantities, and you can talk in detail via email!

Any questions, please tell us: alterllairplane@gmail.com


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